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Château Haut-Marbuzet


Geographical position: The vineyard of HAUT-MARBUZET is situated facing the Gironde estuary. Its name indicates it is situated in Marbuzet, a hilleide which has for a long time been renowned for the quality of the wines it produces.

Geclogy and soil: The vineyard rests on a ridge of prehistoric "Gunz" gravel, clayey and calcareous soil, with veins of iron found in reduced form.

Vineyard: It has an area of 50 hectares of which the Merlot grape constitute 40%, the Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, and 10% Cabernet Franc. The aYerage age of this vineyerd is 30 years.

Wine making: Manual harvest including the search for optimum ripeness. After being destalked and crushed, grapes are maceratod for a long time with daily pumping over.

Maturing: Due to the fact that the wine is matured in new oak barrels for each vintage, the Chateau HAUT-MARBUZET adds a fragrant mellowness to tame the traditional aggressiveness characterising the wines from Saint-Estephe.



1995 is the warmest year since 1989, with producing grapes of an incredibie sugar content. '95 HAUTMARBUZET is very dark in colour, almost black The bouquet is sober. In mouth, ripe tannins convey a striking fruitiness. It is rich without being heavy, concentrated without excess. A remarkable persistence and a most pleasant, smooth and long finish.

1994: The warm '94 summer allowed a good ripening and an early picking. '94 HAUT-MARBUZET has everything that makes a fine vintage: deep colour, aromatic flavours and rich structure. Blueberry colour, subtle berry bouquet with overtones of smokiness, oak and chocolate. Palate has terrific jammy fruit flavours at the front, then finishes with a hint of spice and firm tannins.

1993: The '93 HAUT-MARBUZET is quite deop in colour and very aromatic. It has good extract and is already round and elegant Its nose is initially of a crispy toseted nuttiness, followed by ripe red fruits, roasted coffee beans and vanilla. The mouth is creamy, but tamed by an elegant and subtle body. To be drunk now for its enticing youthful qualities or wait 6 years to appreciate the distinctive breeding released by its refined tannins.

1992: Bordeaux had seldom ssen so much rain: September had twice its average; but early pickers managed to harvest the Merlots in good conditions. 50% Merlots are blendad in this wine to bring a touch of femininity. Tasting now confirms these observations: '92 is a solid, aromatic and well-balanced vintage.

1991: Constantly full-bodied and classy. Very long in mouth, it is now perfectly enjoyable. If you can resist its immediate pleasure, it can be kept for another 5 years.

1990: A very dark colour. The bouquet is mature with a trace of tar, plum, smoke, and a tiny hint of wilderness. The mouth is exceptionally fruity, generously creamy, with great presence and a tannic strength which reminds one of 1982. It's a bold wine, as strong as it is velvety.